Forget everything you know about deals. We’re different.

Laura Kane , Marketing

When the idea of daily deals first came about, consumers and businesses alike were skeptical – it all looked too good to be true.

And with some of our competitors, that’s still pretty accurate. But not with us. We’re different, and we’re better. That’s why we’re still one of the fastest growing companies in the sector while most of those who entered the market in the early days have retreated.

We do deals, but we do more than that and we do things differently – here are a few of the myths we still hear from time to time, and why they’re not true.

  1. ‘Deal’ customers are bargain hunters

With others, they might be. With itison, they aren’t.

We have over 1.2 million members (and growing every day), primarily professional female decision-makers, urban professional couples, families and cash-rich retirees who use itison to discover great new places.

We’ve grown our membership carefully since the very beginning, making sure we’re growing our core membership in the right circles with targeted campaigns designed to drive the right kind of customers to itison – and to your business. We’ve never bought a database, and we never will.

Of course, there will always be a few people in any group who are super thrifty, but our members are predominantly driven by discovery, not discount.

itison customers are worth more: with money to spend (our average basket is over £42) and a desire to experience more in their city, the discount is simply the incentive to drive them to your business. The vast majority will spend (and spend a lot!) and don’t forget, they’ve already paid for the voucher so they’re prepared to spend more than your average customer on extras.

And those that don’t spend any extra still bring incredibly valuable influence through word-of mouth recommendations.

  1. The same people buy deals every time 

On average, 82% of itison customers are new to a business. How do we know that? We track it on itison HUB, our world-class analytics system you get access to when you work with us. Our members are looking to discover new places and the vast majority will be new to your business.

Sloans in Glasgow has featured on itison over 160 times, and the majority of purchasers are still brand new to the business: in 2017, 81% of people who snapped up their deals were Sloans first timers.

And for those who have been before, we give them a reason to come back and remember why they liked you so much in the first place.

  1. You’ll devalue my brand

You’ll never see this on itison

We know some of our competitors sometimes feature questionable deals, but we focus on luxury-led experiential packages that introduce high-quality customers to their new favourite places, so you’ll never see c**p on our platform.

We only work with quality businesses, from Michelin-starred restaurants and AA-Rosette holders to 5-star hotels and the best local independent businesses, so you can rest assured you’ll always be positioned alongside premium brands.

Don’t believe us? Check out who we’re working with today.

We work with our host businesses in a proactive and planned way, so our members never know when to expect something to feature – there’s no expectation and we preserve the impact and excitement when we announce new features.

  1. Only struggling businesses do deals

We work with some of the most successful brands in the country like the 5* Old Course Hotel & Spa at St Andrews, top boutique hotel Tigerlily and Michelin-starred Edinburgh restaurant, 21212 who work with us strategically to drive quality customers to their business at times they’re needed.

We’re local to the cities we work in and we pro-actively seek out the best experiences for our members, working closely with hosts to help them come up with ideas to grow their already successful businesses in target areas. We don’t just do deals – if you have an event coming up, a private dining room to fill, or you’re looking to launch something new we can drive the right kind of customers, when you need them.

We work tactically with you, identifying quieter periods and delivering footfall and revenue at key times throughout the year, using smart structures and offers to help you grow your business without sacrificing profit (or your reputation.)

  1.  We can’t afford to discount

We’ll throw that back to you: can you afford not to?

How many times have you walked past a restaurant and thought “must go there sometime”? Your potential customers are doing that every day. They might be walking past, have a friend mention you in passing or see a social media post – but how many of those do they see a day?

The discount is the incentive to visit your business – a compelling reason to pick you over the competition, or to check you out even though they hadn’t been planning to.

We work with you on smart structures that mean that you can discount while still driving profitable revenue and train your front-of-house staff on how to maximise the potential of your new customers.

And we’re not just about discounting: we have multiple services that can help you advertise your business to a massive, high-quality audience so not matter what you’re looking to achieve, we can help you.

So, this might not have answered every question you have about working with us, but we’ve tried to cover the main ones we hear time and time again (cheers G****on!)

If there’s something we haven’t covered, drop us a line via the form below or give us a call anytime and we’ll be happy to chat you through it.